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Post Reply It shouldn't have to be a chore, it should be fun and exciting.
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Posted 12/19/17 , edited 12/20/17
Are you writing toward a goal of having a career, or for your own personal satisfaction? It's an interesting distinction because we all have to start somewhere. For myself, I always wrote long stories, I was creating novels. The problem, though, is you're rarely going to get picked up. So, in a way, you have to learn to write short stories, finding a way to be concise to get published.

Over the last year I made the decision to improve my writing and work on short stories that I'm starting to send out to magazines in hopes of one of my stories eventually getting published. I did this because publications don't want novels, and most publishers aren't going to take a chance on you, so you have to persevere on your own.

I write because I love storytelling, but I want to share it and make a career out of it. Unfortunately I don't really have a circle of writers to really engage with and trade stories for critique. When you write on your own, in a vacuum, it can get boring and dull without that feedback or discussion. And that kind of discourse is incredibly important, because we're storytellers, and we're hungry to talk about those stories.
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Posted 12/20/17 , edited 12/20/17
I think writing is not always fun because it's hard. I feel that way a lot every time I write something.

But when I go back and read what I wrote, I enjoy that. So the re-experiencing my writing is fun to me....
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Posted 12/21/17 , edited 12/22/17
At the same time, I enjoy writing my book series. I want it to be published one day for good or worse.
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