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Posted 11/19/17

KingKaio wrote:
If you wanted to read the manga, good luck- it's available in Japanese, and... Italian. (If you know of a source to get it in English then please send me an email, I couldn't find a legit one anyhow)
Amano's work is extremely popular, most of that being due to Aria, although in terms of story, characters, atmosphere, and writing I felt that Amanchu was far superior. Given that Aria has several seasons, it's somewhat not surprising- but it IS surprising because the subject matter of this anime is quite different than the typical teen anime. So yes, I'm super delighted as well, since shows like these are hard to come by.

I was looking if Amanchu was licensed or not (or on any legal manga sites), but unfortunately it isn't. Perhaps the second season will increase the chances of a Western license for the manga (and BDs). Though if it never happens, I guess I could try learning Japanese.

Aria seems like an interesting show. It's on my watch list, since I learned that Amano also worked on it, but I'm saving it for the right time.
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