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Posted 11/18/17 , edited 11/18/17
I Would like for someone to recommend me a good anime and it would be best if the genre is Romance and Transport World if you don't have any just recommend me any good anime to watch
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Posted 11/18/17 , edited 11/19/17
Maybe Outbreak Company? Haven't watched it myself, but heard good things about it and it falls in both categories...
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Posted 11/19/17 , edited 11/19/17
The thing with isekai/other world series is they are nearly always harem or reverse harem, not what I would classify as romance.

Comedy, drama, etc.?
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Posted 11/19/17 , edited 11/20/17
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
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Posted 11/19/17 , edited 11/20/17

The only ones that fit your criteria that I know of are:
Angel Beats
The Familiar of Zero (a harem, but it does have a pretty strong central relationship at its core.. though it takes 4 seasons...)
SAO (Okay, mostly Season 1, episodes 7-14--the rest of the show is an other-world harem that gets a little awkward at times)

If you just want good anime, some suggestions are:
Steins; Gate (sci-fi, some romance)
Toradora (thoughtful school-aged rom-com)
My Love Story! (hilarious school-aged rom-com, with actual relationship development!)
Snow White with the Red Hair (Fairy tale-esque, with a solid romance and a strong female lead)
Nagi no Asukara (starts out an awkward school-aged rom-com, but ends up being a lot more)
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Posted 11/25/17 , edited 11/25/17
Hmm its doesnt seem that you have a MAL list or anything else to go off of... so here goes..

ACCA13- The artwork is a bit nuance but I found it very appealing. Its very good at being mellow but still keeps you guessing.

Angel Beats - ok not technically another world... but not the world either


ServantXService - I think this is a great comedy romance, though its not Isekai...
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Posted 11/25/17 , edited 11/25/17
Ill give you a few of my favorites although you may have seen some
Gamers (although the last episode was bad)
the pet girl of sakurasou
Tsuredure children
The first episode of our love will always be 10 cm apart was good too.

A few others a like
Space Patrol luluco (has some romance)
Ai-mai-mi all 3 seasons (episodes are 3mins long but their great)
New Game both seasons
Classroom of the elite
Chronicles of the going home club (has no real story but i enjoyed it)
Miss Kobayashis Dragon maid.

I have more but i leave you with that. These are based on my opinion although some of them are popular.
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Posted 11/26/17 , edited 11/26/17
Log Horizon. On Crunchyroll.
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