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Posted 12/2/17 , edited 12/3/17
Fullmetal Alchemist. Although it has a light enough tone that it is seen as a general audiences story, the themes and events that happen are extremely dark at times. The main character is missing two limbs, and you watch it happen.

I wouldn't recommend it, but Afro Samurai is pretty messed up. I dropped the manga because the character became this unrelatable monster, but the first 6 episode anime series is good (not the second one Afro Samurai Resurrection).
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Posted 12/6/17 , edited 12/6/17
Definitely Naoki Urasawa's work. Pluto was my favorite.

Also read Oyasumi Punpun by Inio Asano. It's not horror or adventure, but it is very adult and I feel it's even more horrifying than a normal horror manga because it's so realistic. You may or may not relate to Punpun, but watching his train wreck of a life unfold is certainly interesting. It's an unique work for sure.

I don't want to recommend Gantz by Hiroya Oku, but I kind of feel obligated to haha. I kind of hated it because of the gory content, but honestly it was so interesting I couldn't stop reading it. I ended up dropping it because I felt like the plot was dragging on too long without making any progress, but it's definitely a strong story.

Try Kamisama wa Iutoori too. This is another manga I dropped for a long plot, but it's pretty compelling. It's about aliens descending on earth, and trapping high schoolers in maniacal death games revolving around things kids would play. Like Red Light Green Light, but with death.
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Posted 12/29/17 , edited 12/29/17
Blade of the Immortal- gore, body horror, more gore, more body horror... but also engaging characters who grow in realistic ways, complex antagonists, and an interesting story.

Shigurui- Shows why living in the samurai era would actually suck.

Dorohedoro- Magical dystopia, with the very darkest of humor thrown in.

Saiyuki- Badass bishounen (one of them is a pistol-packing Buddhist priest) with dark backstories. We learn that Buddhist heaven is full of douchebags.

Golden Kamuy- Oh gawd, where do I even start? Several groups of people are trying to find an insanely huge stash of gold on Hokkaido shortly after the Russo-Japanese War. Don't read if you're squeamish about stuff like a serial animal rapist/killer dying of sheer ecstasy while raping a bear.

Lone Wolf and Cub- classic samurai epic with very adult themes.

Edit 'cos I forgot: I don't read a lot of straight-up horror manga, but two definite "musts" are Gyo and Uzumaki, both by the amazing master of madness Junji Ito. Psychological/atmospheric rather than gore, with a lot of body horror.

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Posted 1/17/18 , edited 1/18/18
I recommend Prophecy by Tetsuya Tsutsui. Despite it being only three short volumes it gives a dark, compelling look at the baleful things we can say--and sometimes do--when we believe we're anonymous, how quickly people can turn on each other, and how easy you can manipulate and be manipulated.
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Posted 1/17/18 , edited 1/18/18
Did someone said Adult?

Emergence by ShindoL.
It made me realize I love the tragedy genre.

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Posted 1/29/18 , edited 1/29/18

Any of Junji Ito's works.

Katsuhisa Kigitsu's Franken Fran


Garon Tsuchiya's Old Boy

Dystopian Adventure

Yukito Kishiro's Gunnm aka Battle Angel Alita
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Posted 1/31/18 , edited 1/31/18
As several people previously said - Berserk is the pinnacle of really dark fantasy genre. I cannot recommend it enough. It has wonderful art, interesting characters and setting to die for. Once you get through the first arc into Golden Age, it's basically impossible to not continue reading.

Here's an example of a panel from the manga. Miura is amazing at showing motion in combat.

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Posted 1/31/18 , edited 1/31/18
I got three manga suggestions (noun of them have anime adaptions)

Tenkuu Shinpan
- battle royal
- action
- horror (at the start)
- uncensored gore

The promised never land
- dystonia future
- adventure
- horror (kicks in later in the story)

Real Account (side note: they are split into two... I & II) (RA2 is where it really get good)
- horror
- adventure[ish] (later in the story...)
- adult

I wouldn't these 3 would be ones of the darkest of manga, but they are sure are entertaining for mature audiences
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Posted 1/31/18 , edited 1/31/18

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