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Neon Genesis Evangelion - Gakuen Datenroku Manga
Posted 9/6/08
lol well i tried reading "angelic days" the manga but that was crap. this looks very different though, and you can't go wrong with free scanlations. so far the best eva think i've seen is the first manga (ya know, the one that's actually like the tv series) it's better than the tv series and movie (eoe) those were too weird and confuzzling.
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Posted 9/10/08
I personally like this better than the original. Mainly because I was never really into mecha, and the art is much, much better. Oh, I prefer the uniform in this manga as well. The original was... um, hard to draw? The female one. The top extended all the way to the hip. It was a little eugh, for me. I also like that Kaworu has a bigger role. And his uniform looks amazing too. I've always liked Kaworu, haha. And like others have been saying: Shinji's not... a hmm.
I hope to see much more of this series, and hopefully, when the time comes, the anime. And translation would be nice, not by Tokyopop though P: I want to add this series to my collection ♥
Posted 4/28/09
To be honest, I prefer Ikari Shinji Ikusei Keikaku. Too bad is the only place you can find it.
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Posted 4/28/09
Boring after a 8+ chapters
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Posted 4/29/09 , edited 4/29/09
I think I will read it a few days later~~~
I found the picture of this EVA's continuation,I preferred the original drawing.
Posted 4/30/09
i've been reading this manga..and this is not as "psychological' as the original..

the art's better too, in my opinion..the traits of the characters did not change, so it's ok....
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Posted 4/30/09

Insta download!!!

Obtained!! thanks for the update dude

Now I've gotta read it.....
Posted 5/16/09 , edited 5/16/09

ojsinnerz wrote:

Is this the one where everyone is in this weird highschool, and Shinji's dad is the principal, or something like that?

I really think Gainax should stop milking the money out of NGE now.... Really...

It's better then Square Enix abusing practically Final Fantasy all over. Especially Final Fantasy 7. that series was good but it killed quite a large amount of peoples interest thanks to how overrated it became. multitudes way larger then that of the disenchanted group are still fanning over it.
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