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Posted 11/24/17
I logged in today and noticed something on my queue that I'd never watched had a few minutes played on it. I checked my history and saw there are 8 episodes watched from things that weren't me on there. Things that weren't even in my queue sometimes. I changed my password to be safe but not sure if this is a bug or hacking going on. No one else had access to my account.

Not sure where to post about this.
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Posted 11/24/17 , edited 11/24/17
Make sure there are no charges on your account: /orderstatus

Also deactivate any suspicious devices here: /acct/?action=devices

If they have a browser cookie set on their PC though, it may be a while before that expires, so you might continue to see activity if they did. I would also report it to support just in case there's something that you missed cleaning up: /contact

You were probably hacked. Most often this occurs when someone has multiple websites with the same id/password combo, and one of the others had a massive breach. When that happens, email addresses and passwords get leaked to paste sites, and just about anyone who knows where to look can try them out to see where else they might work...
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