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Posted 12/23/17 , edited 12/23/17

nDroae wrote:

the_warrior_of_ruin wrote:

Please get the rest of the Tenchi Muyo series! I needs the nostalgia and more Ryoko!

Were you watching it on Toonami back in the day too? I was so surprised that my parents let me watch it when I was 12

Funimation has most of it: So Tenchi Universe will probably also come to CR sometime. Kiyone was my first best girl

back in 2002 I had a Japanese girlfriend who had some dvds, I didn't get to watch the whole series, but I watched enough to love Ryoko to bits! XD
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Posted 12/23/17 , edited 12/23/17
@the_warrior_of_ruin Cool! Well, I highly recommend watching all of Tenchi Universe when you can.
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