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Post Reply List a past anime you would like to see on crunchyroll, unlicensed please
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Posted 12/14/17 , edited 12/14/17

TheAncientOne wrote:

papagolfwhiskey wrote:

You're Under Arrest. You're Under Arrest Mini-specials, You're Under Arrest Second Season, and You're Under Arrest Full Throttle.

You're Under Arrest is still licensed, and available via HIDIVE:

Back in the days of The Anime Network, they also had the two newer series. It is strange those appear to have expired, while the oldest series is still available.

Khaliness wrote:

Steiins;Gate ppleeaaasseeee

This hasn't been unlicensed since it premiered. It is currently licensed by Funimation and available on their site and Hulu.

Worth knowing.

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Posted 12/14/17 , edited 12/14/17

zubbyzub wrote:

Paranoia Agent


Paranoia Agent was license by Geneon USA. Who knows if they still have the license
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