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26 / F / neverland!
Posted 5/11/08
1) have you ever stayed up more than 2 days in a row? if so, did you feel sick or weird?hmmmmmmm...i dont think so

would life be better without sleep?nope!

3) do you like sleeping?absolutely! its one of my hobbies!

4) if you didnt have to sleep, what would you do with those hours?
I would do things i have to finish like if the tasks i want are done then i would clean up the house and if thats done then i would wash the clothes and if thats done then i would play alll the games i want and watch all the animes or dramas i want and if i get bored id do some dumb hw and i dont even know why but to get smarter but mostly id say i would do my hobbies!

5) i notice that many of people(who arent insomniacs, people who prefer day over night, or have night jobs) who stay up frequently are procrastinators ........, so does the lack of sleep cause a habit of postponing things? yea, i think

6) if you could reset your biological clock, what would be the ideal times for sleep?
9 am - 7 pm! i get breakfast and then dinner
7) what do you think dreams are?i think when your in a dream your in another world!because you can do anything there!you even can sleep in a dream and in that dream you sleep and in that dream you sleep!oooooohs i know how to show an example!lol i feel like such a nerd!
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37 / F / Fort Meade, MD
Posted 5/13/08
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30 / M / California
Posted 5/13/08
This is a duplicate thread, as stated by Dusterbayala.

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