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Posted 12/21/17 , edited 12/22/17
issue: The main reason is because, sometimes I miss what happened at the very start of the anime (because I was waiting for it to load and wasn't watching for example), but when I click to start it again, it always jumps back to the current playing position, unless I am going back about 10 seconds into the anime, it won't restart at 0 seconds.

suggestion: I would love if, like on the iphone app, I could click to "rewatch" episodes instead of it automatically starting from where I left off.

systems: Using MAC/PC Safari/Chrome, but I'm not sure if my issue is based on the system.
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Posted 12/21/17
Officially, you can reset your [entire] watch history with the button found here: /home/history

Unofficially, there's a Chrome extension written by one of the mods with that functionality for individual series, even single episodes, among other nifty features. You can read about it here: /group/Beardfists_Programming_Corner
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Posted 12/22/17 , edited 12/22/17
This is exactly my problem too. It's not a history issue, it's that the player will not reset the play point to the start. There's no "start from the beginning" button either, and I recall seeing those on other players. So your player implementation is bugged and right now, it is preventing me from setting up a video I was watching to start at the beginning so I can have a friend watch it with me. I will have to let the episode play completely and then play the next episode for some time before I can get this video to start at the beginning, because it seems to take your system a bit to realize the last video is done and over with.

And what happens if he likes the show and wants to watch the next episode? I *think* that if I let this episode autoplay through to the next ep, it will start at the beginning and all will be fine. But I guarantee that if I click the next episode, say because we don't want to watch all of the closing credits, the next ep will start at the place I stopped it at, and I won't be able set it back to 0 so we can watch it from the start.

Crunchyroll, do you know how common it is for people who have stopped watching something for a day or two to want to watch it from the start, so they can get back into the mood? Y'all need to fix this please. If you can't fix it, at least see if the player supports a "Replay" button, it might just be disabled by your configuration.
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Posted 1/3/18 , edited 1/3/18
There actually is a way to restart from the beginning. If you turn off autoplay, then go to the end of the episode, a replay button will appear at the top of the viewer, however, the video gets slightly cropped, if using the small viewer and the subtitles disappear of the edge of the viewer. If using (or switching) to the large viewer, the video will shrink to about the size of the small viewer and move to the upper left corner of the screen. The last frame of the episode will be displayed behind the video. On the upside of things, you get the subtitles back. Well, that's how it works for me.
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