Post Reply No spoilers: Can you describe Star Wars movies' basic story plot in one sentence, what would that be?
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Posted 12/21/17
First 3, Idk man

Episode IV Save the princess kill the giant
Episode V Ironic Tragedy
Episode VI Redemption and Victory

Episode VII ...Sometime find Luke Skywalker?
Episode VIII Still a better love story then Twilight, maybe??
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Posted 12/21/17
Episode I: Paradise Lost
Episode II: The Taming of the Shrew
Episode III: Revengence
Episode IV: Farmer's Daughter Lets it All Out
Episode V: Rocky
Episode VI: There Ain't No Nothing No How If You Ain'tn't Caught Friends, y'Know?
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Posted 12/23/17
EPISODE I: The Ten Commandments
EPISODE II: Julius Caesar
EPISODE III: Romeo & Juliet

EPISODE IV: Hidden Fortress
EPISODE V: Soap Opera
EPISODE VI: The Last Temptation of Christ
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Posted 1/5/18
I: Amphibians battle evil robots, and some cute kids fall in love.
II: Space Murder and Clones, with extra emo Jedi rage.
III: Space paternity drama, with spooky music and cyborgs.
IV: Space coming of age story with fake moons and laser beams!
V: Canada meets the Jetson's with robot dinosaurs and more cyborgs!
VI: Gangsters, giant worms, snugly bears, and massive explosions; bonus ghosts included!
VII: Sci-fi opera staring space Lara croft, with extra emo Jedi rage!
XI: ?
Rogue One: Oceans 11 in space, with hilarious android hi-jinks!
Solo: ?
Fett: ?
Obi-wan: ?
Yoda: ?
Jabba: ?
New I: ?
New II: ?
New III: ?

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Posted 1/7/18
Voyage of the Mary Sues: A Disney tale of femininity and why men are wrong.
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Posted 1/7/18
A New Hope: good.

The Empire Strikes Back: good

Return of the Jedi: good

The Phantom Menace: disappointing and bad.

Attack of the Clones: bad

Revenge of the Sith: meh

The Force Awakens: bad

Rogue One: good

Last Jedi: meh
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Posted 4 days ago
I: The midichlorians are over 2000.
II: Count Dooku a bitch
III: "Anakin I have the highground"
Rouge One: Just some filler.
IV: Incest is wincest
V: Snowball fight leads to drug trip in the sky.
Vi: The Rebellion wins?
VII: Syke Mudda fucka
VIII: Leia should've died a good 8 times but shes a cat and has 9 lives.

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