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Posted 12/22/17

1. How can invite all 2000~ buddies to my group without having to type their names one by one?

2. Are music playlists going to make a comeback to groups?

3. Not all my notifications (guestbook posts, group,buddy invite requests, etc) are appearing on my notification feed?
(ex. it says i have one buddy invite requests on notification feed but when i go to my profile page it say like 20.)

4. What are the current dimensions for profile pictures? (if its small i don't want to lose my current profile photo)
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Posted 12/22/17
Current profile dimensions are 200x200 so I say keep the one you have. As for your other questions, I have no idea.
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Posted 12/22/17 , edited 12/22/17
1) You can use the checkboxes and PM up to (only) 20 at a time if they are in your contacts list here: /pmcontacts. Ironically, if they were already in your group, you could PM all of them at once from there.

2) Probably not. The old system used a (now) defunct service that used to allow for playing whatever you wanted in whatever order you wanted, essentially on-demand without paying royalties. But music copyright lawyers shut it down.

3) Not completely sure what you are saying, but notifications can and do get cleared out. I always remove mine once I read them, so that I know if I get any new ones.

I'm not positive, but it may also be that there is a limit to what you can access, just because they seem to be cutting back on that sort of thing. I have hundreds of polls I created, and over a thousand "pages", but when I try to go to see those lists, I can only access about 52 pages and about 100 polls directly (I have the URLs saved to get to the rest of them).

4) You can start with a picture that is (maximum) 300 x 300 pixels, but it will then shrink it to 200 x 200 when you save it to your profile. The resulting display image in forum posts will only be 100 X 100. If you replace the one you have now, you won't be able to get it back...

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