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Posted 29 days ago
For those who don't know who he is.... They made a movie about it

SNOWDEN - Official Trailer

Personally, i would like to see more whistleblower like him in this country. He's launching a new app. I guess it's worth checking out.

Snowden's New App Turns Your Phone Into a Home Security System

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F / BuBbLeS!
Posted 29 days ago
I wasn't impressed with the liberal take on the movie, as for the man himself, I have nothing against whistle blowers, granted they pretty much just gave up their "normal" existence with some snitching, but without them we wouldn't know just how toxic something is. granted most whistle blowers are blowing on the government, but there are cases of other things, such as big companies, big pharma, etc. even if whistle blowing can be seen as an act of treason (unlawful) to some, at least the truth comes out.
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29 / M / Morioh, Japan
Posted 29 days ago , edited 29 days ago

niotabunny wrote:

I wasn't impressed with the liberal take on the movie

Here is your bowl of cereal

I like Snowden and I really enjoy the idea that he may have been inspired by Metal Gear Solid 2.

Here is a post by him talking about how Solidus Snake didn't seem like such a villain to him.

The man is a hero and I fucking love how much he pisses off those freaks in DC.
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25 / M / CAN, ON
Posted 29 days ago
People are always watching you and the government is built on lies.

The shocking new discovery from one man of course, I myself couldn't figure that out. No way

I would laugh if people just realized this now if they never knew about him.

I'll speak whenever I want thank you very much, and how I want, because if we don't, they win And we lose.

Words are more powerful than people, because of ideas...... which the Government and corporations loves to twist in their favor.

Tis life and such. Big ol world of honest people that only want you to feel safe. Whether or not you are.... well, to be determined.
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39 / Inside your compu...
Posted 28 days ago
Can you believe that a lot of idiots think that Snowden helped the Russians rig "the election" and that this new app is Russian-backed to spy on Americans?

Uhhhh, so they think the Freedom of the Press Foundation is in cahoots with the Russian government? OOOOOOK.........

Well, there are a lot of numbskulls out there.

But, to the original question. I think it took one heck of a lot of guts for Snowden to literally leave everything behind- I don't know if he even gets to see his parents anymore or ever again. Now that's a true patriot, not a traitor like all those nitwits are labeling him as.
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Posted 28 days ago
usually if it's someone one is refusing to accept they will claim it is a conspiracy

the DNC rigging the election and other things was a conspiracy until that Brazil woman came out of the closet... Obama was a two face type of person. He has an ideal image while in public but behind closed doors.. eh..

He's a good sale man that is for sure... he will stay things in public or in front of the camera.. mostly about things that you would want to the spying by your the obama administration so hard to take for some people....
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17 / F
Posted 27 days ago
Edward Snowden is a national hero. Or country's first amendment is the freedom of speech, but the government has violated that Amendment. Edward Snowden rest his life and freedom so we would open your eyes and know that our government was spying on us. That the so-called Freedom we had was taken away because they felt that their own people would betray this country the country that we live in. I'm extremely happy for what he did he helped us see what we couldn't see he helped us hear what we couldn't hear he was our eyes and ears inside that place. We should be grateful for what he did.
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100 / M / Cold side of the...
Posted 26 days ago
I watched the movie. I don't remember what it was even about. I do wonder if he's to blame for how crap the guardian is now as a paper. Everything I read or watch on the news now is boring without mystery. Like there's a standstill and there is no excitement. I bet the whistleblowers are to blame for the increasingly lacklustre news.

Also does he have kids now?
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