Post Reply The Zone of the Enders series, or the Xenosaga trilogy? Best mecha game
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Posted 12/28/17 , edited 12/28/17
In my case, I never played the Zone of the Enders series back when it came out on the Playstation 2. However, I did play the Xenosaga trilogy, so I would have more than likely automatically chosen the latter over the former.

However, another reason is because the Xenosaga trilogy allowed me to control a team of four playable mecha, rather than stick me with only one mecha and one mecha alone like Zone of the Enders. And I like the Hero's Journey much better when it's done in groups rather than solo. Which is why I almost wish ZoE came with four-player co-op, whether in the same campaign as the single-player mode, or in an entirely separate campaign storyline like the Splinter Cell series and Portal 2.
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Posted 12/28/17
I'm more of a Xenosaga myself, granted ZOE is a good play, I'm not going to lie, it just wasn't as enjoyable for me as Xeno was. I didn't have much taste if these came in sets, but the two I played I like Xeno better than ZOE.
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