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Toji no Miko (The Shrine Maiden Swordwielders) EP 8 "Day of Disaster"

Kanami / Hiyori hear about their mothers and what happened 20 years ago from Akane ( Yukari's sister)

Toji no Miko (The Shrine Maiden Swordwielders) EP 9 "After the Festival"

Training / Choices made / Festival / More revelation / Yume and forces raid the Shrine some Toji captured but the main Toji escapes are on the run Yume spits up blood despite winning easily

Toji no Miko (The Shrine Maiden Swordwielders) EP 10 "Resolve for Tomorrow"

More raids on Mokusa / a decision to keep figthing Yukari / Akane gives prees conference to let the Toji raid the Sword Asminstration using The S Armor

Toji no Miko (The Shrine Maiden Swordwielders) EP 11 "Gleam of Moonlight"

That was the best EP so far / great action / honor even among a adversary / prelude to a big showdown

1 Even though Yume is an enemy she fights w/o using the Noro / in a flashback she was superior to almost everybody bit such skill also is drrawn from the Katana ans is shortening her life as when she was in the hospital and Yukari gove her the Noro After figting Erin and Kaoru she dies . She fought fair like a true warrior . The same thing I surmise happened to Kanami / Hiyori's mothers

2 The S- Equipment lets the Good Toji fight Yuikari her follwers on a equal basis w/o using Noro

3 I dislike Takatsu even more than Yukari treating the Toji like dogs especially with Yomi and Sayaka when was at Renpu

4 The battle between Kanami / Hiyori vs Maki / Suzuka was intense until Kanami and Hiyori use their equipment and beat them to face a fuully charged Yukari

Toji no Miko (The Shrine Maiden Swordwielders) EP 12 "A Single Sword"

That was another good EP I am sorry I am behind but I think this is underated IMO

Side battles are won bu the Toji then join up with Kanami / Hiyori but are unable to defeat Princess Tagitsu -Yukari It's down to Kanami / Hiyori and Yukari reveals why she merged with Princess Tagitsu to save Kanami / Hiyori mothers

Only Hiyori is left standing but Kanami comes back as Minato and weakens the demon but is knocked out again but this give Hiyori the cahance to take out Princess Tagitsu -Yukari and wiil go to the nether land with them but Kanami pulls her away just in time

Toji no Miko (The Shrine Maiden Swordwielders) EP 13 Hero of the Next Generation

Kanami / Sayaka with their S Gear defeat a nasty aradama of which there is a lot in the aftermath of Princess Tagitsu

As a result of Princess aradamas defeat, her body dissolves, spreading her collected noro all over Japan and resulting in a sharp increase in the appearance of aradama. This results in the government being forced to temporarily use Toji academy students to fight the aradama. Four months later, Kanami and her friends are part of the task force battling the aradama with the exception of Hiyori, who considers retiring from being a Toji now that she's fulfilled her mother's wish.

Kanami also befriends Ayumu, a student from Ayanokouji Academy. Kaoru is privately informed by Director Maniwa that a mysterious unidentified Toji is stealing noro for an unknown purpose.Elite Guards

They confront Suzuka, suspecting the culprit may be Maki. Meanwhile, Yukina secretly continues her noro experiments on Yomi, with assistance from the president of Ayanokouji. Upon hearing about the noro thief, Hiyori decides to resume being a Toji and reunites with Kanami.

Toji no Miko (The Shrine Maiden Swordwielders) EP 14"Family Scene"

Mai / family and Ellen's Family at the new lab

The Noro thief is quite active

Toji no Miko (The Shrine Maiden Swordwielders) EP 15 "Slothful Person`s Honor"

The typical slice of life content holds the EP back a little / but a life lesson or two and whose side Maki is on

Karou is worn out and wants time off but her Prez Sana sendon another nission with a group under her command .She takes a lot of relaxation time as there seems to be no aradama Sana sends Sayaka to keep Karou in line Nene even sides with Sayaka

But Karou stops Sayaka from killing a small aradama as it seems to be no threat as Nene seems to get along with it

That until a hooded Toji makes it grow Karou easily cuts it down and her group will clean up the Noro But they are attacked by the hooded Toji who I stiil thought might ne Maki but she teels the Unknown Toki to put the Noro back but almost lose as the hooded Toji takes off Maki is confronted by Karou / Sayaka and Maki is blamed
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