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Posted 2/17/08 , edited 2/17/08
well im searching for a new game to play, as many others probably are. whilst searching and only getting mmorpg's in the searches I got the idea to ask you crunchyrollers ,what free mmo is the best, or is worth to play.

it can be any mmog, massive multiplayer online game, as long as it isnt rpg, role playing.
it has to be free, but can have premium (that means that you can pay for additional features).

it is important that you do NOT only write the name, but why you like it, in a way that others can understand. I'll be adding the games named by you under here making a list of the top ones.
ah and btw, it would be great if you posted a link to the game's site, and maybe a video of gameplay.

To moderator.- I made a thread that was alittle like this, but it was locked pretty fast. if you lock this then could you please state why you locked it? i couldnt find any thread like this in the thread index so...
one note tough. << thread about multiplayer online games. it has alot of rpg games and p2p games in it tough, so i that my thread is different enough to pass through...
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