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Posted 1/23/18

Joined crunchy roll a little while ago, money well spent if i don't say so myself.

Was watching netflix recently and noticed they have a skip opening sequence option. I was wondering where crunchyroll was in terms of having this functionality? You don't always want to be watching the op to a show. Sometime you get bored or don't like the OP, sometimes you're marathoning and don't want a break in the action. The reasons are varied but I think it would make for a better experience to have this functionality.
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Posted 1/23/18 , edited 1/23/18
given that Crunchyroll can't even offer pre-buffering due to licensing and still insists on using flash (no, vrv is not a solution. it's a workaround that is only available to US customers), chances that CR will introduce an option to skip openings is slim to none.

tl;dr nope.
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Posted 1/25/18
I would hope that when they finally release the HTML5 player which apparently is still in the works, such a functionality would be also introduced. I don't like the chance though with the amount of other issues the site already has an hasn't been fixed.

I too like to the openings, mostly because they tend to add some minor spoilers to the show, even showing a character which hasn't been introduced yet, I class that as a spoiler.
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