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Posted 1/23/18
Repeating what has now become a traditional thread for Anime Expo!

Please use the following form if you would like to find people to share a room with you. Please start each post with "LOOKING FOR ROOMMATES" in all caps.
Please update your post with FILLED after you fill up your room share or find a room to respect others' time and screen space.



Name (aliases are okay):


Nights Booked (exact nights; ex. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Night):


Spaces Available (at time of posting):

Requirements of Roommates: (Age, Gender, Smoking, Drinking, Quiet Hours?)

Contact (I highly recommend putting down an alias email and using Google Voice for an anonymous phone number):

Description of Myself (Age, Gender, Smoker/Drinker, Sleeping Habits, Anything else):

Anything else:


I also suggest reading for more information about room sharing at Anime Expo.

Please try to keep all communications private via the contact information to protect individuals' privacy, and everyone else's sanity.

If you plan to post your info, I thank you for keeping this thread alive. Thank you all for keep this thread civilized.
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Posted 1/23/18 , edited 1/23/18

Name: Yuuichi
Hotel: Hotel Indigo
Nights Booked: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday (4 nights)
Price: $450 (bed)/$200 (UNOFFICIAL OPEN SPACE/Floor)
Spaces Available: A LOT

Requirements of Roommates:
Age: 18+
Gender: ANY
Alcohol: Okay as long as not shared with minors/not interrupting roommates and neighbors
Sleeping habits:Lights Out from 12 Midnight to 6 AM

Email: [email protected] - Please title emails with "AX 2018 RS"

Description of Myself: I am a 23-year old male who will be attending Anime Expo for the fourth time.


Are the rates per night?
It's for the whole stay. I do not have a per night rate.

When would the payment be due?
I ask for payment as soon as possible. I wish I could work a deposit system, but I have had too many problems with no-shows in the past to continue using this system.

Why is your rate so [email protected]$#ing expensive?
I try maintain a humane rooming situation for everyone. I do not stuff rooms with 10 people to try to drive down the cost of the room per head at the cost of everyone's experience.

What do we do about food (water)?
I am planning a buy-in pool of water and basic snacks to help keep everyone hydrated and somewhat satiated during the convention. I will also try to schedule optional group meals so we can all meet, sit, relax, and eat. No one has to attend, but it is a great way to meet other fans and make friendships. I will do my best to avoid major gatherings and events when scheduling them.

Is there a Girl/Guy Only room?
Sadly, I need to make rooms co-ed to ensure room costs are fully covered. I will ensure beds are single gendered and will create single gender room when possible.

What is your cancellation policy?
I understand life happens and unexpected things pop up like money troubles or friends suddenly inviting you to go. If you can decide if you're cancelling by the end of May, I'd appreciate it. Though, I'll accept your cancellation up to a week before the convention. However, it's very hard to guarantee a full refund within two months of the convention. The reason for this is there's other people counting on everyone paying their fair share.

-Any other questions, please feel free to ask via my contact information.
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Posted 2/20/18
Correction: Hotels: JW Marriott/Westin Bonaventure
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Posted 14 days ago , edited 11 days ago

Seeking Roommates!!!

Name / Age / Gender: Kaela / 25/ Female also my friend Christian is running the room.
Hotel: JW Marriott
Hotel rates: $$$
How long are you staying: July 4th - July 9th
Where are you coming from: Inland Empire
Space Available: 3 (only floor space)

Requirements: Good Hygiene! (Please shower regularly! Use deodorant, brush your teeth, keep your things together and your sleeping area clean.) No Drugs, this is also a non-smoking room (no vaping in the room, no cigarettes, no weed sorry). This room is 18+ No Exceptions (if possible we would like to keep it 21+ because we do drink but we will not be letting anyone under the age of 21 drink.) if you are a parent bringing a under age child with you please do not get in contact with me. There will be ZERO tolerance for any kind of drama! This is a fun drama free room! (If you are causing drama you will be asked to leave and you will not receive a refund.) if you are going to drink please provide your own alcohol and please know your limit (we do not want to babysit you and we do not want people drinking till they get sick). Payment will be do in advance not when you arrive. (To keep things running smoothly with the hotel room and check in you will need to pay in advance before the convention for the simple reason everyone shows up at different times and different days.)

Amenities: Me and my friend have been running rooms together for the past 5 years, everyone that stays with us always has a great time! We do not book through the AX website because of all of the AX rules they have. We do book a Junior Suite (which is a really big room), please keep in mind that since we do not book through the AX site and we book a much bigger room we do not get the AX discount on our room so we are paying full price. We provide Drinks (soda, water, juice) and food (sandwiches and snacks) which is already included in the room price. We always have tons of anime and video games in the room. You are more the welcome to tag along with me or my friend during the convention if you want too, we want to make sure no one in our room feels singled out. If you ever have any issues don't hesitate to get ahols of Christian or myself.

Other Information: We are a very loud room, we like to have fun and most nights we sont wnd up going to bed till around 3-5 am. But if you can sleep with all the noise and lights on you're more than welcome in this room! If you cant sleep with a lot of noise then this room probably isnt for you, again were here to have fun so we dont want people complaining or getting mad about us being noisy all night. We do ask that your bring what you will need to be comfortable since there is only floor space in this room (bring your own pillows, blankets, showering towls, shampoo whatever els you shower with daily.) Thats all for now I cant wait to get a awesome group of people to fill up the room this year!!! Lets make this an awesome 2017 AX!!!

Contact: please contact me via email if interested because I probably will not check my nessages on here!! [email protected] (please put something regarding the AX room in the subject line) also please specify age and gender when contacting me.
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Posted 9 days ago
Seeking Roommates this year!!!

Name / Age / Gender: Jay / 31/ Male
Hotel: Sheraton Grand LA/Omni Los Angeles Hotel/Freehand Hotel/The Mayfair Hotel/Millenium Biltmore Hotel (I've pre-emptively booked several hotels and will be canceling the others. I like having options )
Hotel rates: $200 for 4 nights (negotiable, lower price if more than 3 opt-in)
How long are you staying: Weds, July 4th - Sat, July 8th
Where are you coming from: Orange County
Space Available: at least 3! 2 beds available and floor space if need be

Requirements: Maintain good hygiene (no BO allowed, be courteous) and keep your stuff in your area! I will be bringing some cubbies and other separators to help keep people's stuff tidy!
I don't care what you put into your body as long as it doesn't effect the other people in the room. I will be setting up a Hookah on the balcony that anyone can use, and vaping outside is OK. Also I don't mind if your 420 happens on the balcony, just not in the room please.
This room is 18+ No Exceptions!
I am a Bartender. I will be bringing alcohol and a LOT of it. I will be making all sorts of drinks and I will share. Kick in $ if you like but I'm not stingy. Also, as a bartender I know when to cut someone off and how to deal with hangovers! ^_^
No drama in the room! Parties OK!
Payment will be in advance via Paypal to cover everyone's @ss.

Amenities: I am booking through the AX website. As stated I will be providing alcohol and mixers. I will also be grabbing snacks and most likely ordering food. I share my stuff, but you don't have to.
Also I'll be bringing my PS4 and Wii U and Netflix stuff. Everyone's welcome to play.

Other Info: This is my first year going to AX alone and I'm more of a group guy ^^
I'd like us to get to know each other and enjoy our time in the room, and if people want to hit the convention together I'm always down.
I intend to hit the AX Dance each night and meet people. I will probably invite people to the room if we all agree to having a party night.
And of course this room is co-ed! Be respectful.
Unless otherwise agreed to in advance, expect lights out around 2am and lights off until 11am (obviously you can still do whatever as long as you keep it down.)

Contact: Email me to get things going. I won't be back on this site. [email protected]
Subject: AX Room
Please include a brief "about me" in your bio. Age, gender, # of cons you've gone too, anything else relevant!

Can't wait to hear from you all! Ganbatte Yo!
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