Post Reply Would you like base and resource management in your strategy games?
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Posted 1/25/18 , edited 1/25/18
In my case, I would have likely chosen the "maybe" option in my own poll. The reason is because base and resource management in strategy games, as well as the lack thereof in more tactical-level games, have their own highs and lows, including but not limited to:

Base and Resource Management:

Pros: Produce extra units to replace any of the ones that die. Also provides an objective other than just wiping out the enemy units, including defending your own base while attacking the enemy's.

Cons: Units have almost no individuality and are practically disposable.

A Lack of Base and Resource Management:

Pros: Units are irreplaceable, encouraging and even requiring the player to keep as many of them alive for as long as possible until they rout the enemy. In the process, this makes players care for their units a lot more than if there was base and resources to mass-produce replacement units.

Cons: Not that many objectives similar to attacking or defending a base, instead making nearly every battle a Last Team Standing match.
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Posted 1/25/18
This gets a definite maybe from me.
Strategy is one of my favorite genres so I've played a lot of different games. From extensive base, resource and other management over games where the base is just sort of there to give you a spawn point and replacement units to games that completely eschew the idea of a base I can say that the only sub-genre I really can't stand are MOBAs.

Where once I've preferred strategy games that had base management I can now see the appeal of both designs.
Nowadays I can't really say that I like either approach better than the other(s), my preferrance comes down to my daily mood.

Some days I feel like turtling and teching up in a slow but decisive endgame strategy, some days I feel like rushing the opposition before they can get anything set up in a quick and dirty all or nothing strategy, some days I feel like fighting a war of attrition trusting that my approach proves more cost effective than the enemies'.
Other days I feel like taking my chosen few and completing the map with minimum losses.
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Posted 1/25/18
I'm a turtle-player so, by default, I will lean more towards games that allow you to build defensive positions.
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Posted 1/25/18
Maybe. It entirely depends upon the execution, for me.
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