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Posted 7/15/07 , edited 7/15/07
what comics do ya'll read? that includes mangas. i like my spawn comics and i am getting back into xmen. i gave manga a rest for now cuz narutards were getting on my nerves. the comic is good but i stopped reading it when it became popular in america. anyways, what do ya'lls like?

*note to moderators: i posted a thread exactly like this one not too long ago but it mysteriously dissapeared. can't find it anywhere. if u come across it i don't mind if u lock this thread but only if u give a link for the other comic thread. and if u can't find it but u lock this thread anyway then i hope that bitch from the ring haunts u in ur sleep!
Posted 7/15/07
im reading one piece, and negima for manga. No comics right now. When i was 12 i read a ton and still have them all in my room. I mostly read sonic and x-men.
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Posted 7/15/07
^^dude it got deleted because it was a duplicate thread, it's in the anime section under MANGA.

And you can also do a google search to find forum threads too.

And you don't need ot be pissy to the mods, they are just doing their jobs.


~locked, again.
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Posted 7/15/07

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