Post Reply How do real robot teams compensate for their inability to combine?
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Posted 1/27/18 , edited 1/27/18
You know how, in a lot of real robot anime, mecha never combine compared to their super robot counterparts?

If I were to guess as to how small teams of real robots compensate for their inability to combine, they'd at the very least specialize in different weapons and armor. Some members of a real robot unit wield either melee weapons or guns. Some of them equip themselves with either light armor for aerial/spaceflight maneuverability, or heavy armor for extra defense. And some of them serve as support units, like repairs or sensors.

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Posted 1/27/18 , edited 1/27/18
Yep....this just makes me think of the tactics used by the mythril units in full metal panic. Well those not equiped with lamda drivers.

Kurtz unit is outfitted with extra sensors and a sniper cannon. Others use specialist weaponry. Mech sized variants of military weapons.
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