Post Reply Queues for shows that have both Subs and Dubs running at the same time
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Posted 2/6/18 , edited 2/19/18
Example show:
March Comes in like a Lion.

The sub season is currently ongoing and I have it in my queue because it's one of my favorites. The dub just came out and has been auto added to my queue as if a new subbed episode had come out today.

The problem here is that the dub automatically has been added to my queue without my input. My queue for March Comes in Like a Lion (Sub) now shows that I have new episodes to watch, but these are only the dubs (that I don't intend to watch, I hate dub translations for their almost universal poor quality).

Now my queue is messed up. I have to find a way to manually 'fix' that queue so that I properly know when a new sub episode is out.

Suggestion: Never auto add the dubbed episodes to the queue of a user who added a subbed show to his queues. If we ever want to watch the dubs of a show we already watch as subs will add those to our queue ourselves.

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Posted 2/6/18 , edited 2/6/18
The problem is simply that someone screwed up and added the dub episodes to the top of the show page instead of the bottom... If you look at the other show they added at the same time /occulticnine you'll see that the dub was added there to the bottom instead of the top. Had they done that consistently with 3-gatsu, you probably wouldn't even have noticed that they added it at all.

I'd suggest reporting this as an actual error/problem directly to support: /contact Posting here in the forums is only going to get you feedback from other users, staff almost never responds here.

Edit: In fact, I just reported it myself. If enough people report the same issue, maybe something will get done...
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Posted 2/6/18
We'll be looking into it later.
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Posted 2/7/18
@asharka Thank you for the info. I know this had happened with another show I was watching in the past year, so after it happening again I has thought that was how things worked when dubs were added and not just a simple human error.

@shinryou Thanks for looking at it.

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