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Posted 2/28/18 , edited 2/28/18
You don't want to genre wander too much though. For example I have been watch star trek deep space 9. As you can guess it is about a space station and war for the most part, those classic scifi cliches so to speak. But does adding in very non cliche things help a story? I would say that episode where they play the ancient earth sport "baseball" in the holosuite was for sure out there... see all they did really was move from one set of cliches to other. Suddenly the sci-fi cliches are totally gone replaced by typical baseball tropes and cliches. Since you are horrified of this type of random madness you quickly switch to dragon ball super then when you hit episode 70.... baseball. IT IS SO RANDOM YET IT IS A CLICHE WTF. even if you do strange things it still is probably cliche but just more random. So in the long run you can't even really avoid them, so instead of confusing your viewer just give them the set of cliches they are expecting....

Is having a more rare cliche/troupe anything to be proud of? I agree who freaking cares. So why in anime is there more beach episodes than baseball? simple because the beach episodes attract more people in that type of market.. Truth be told if you did some harem cliches in a western live action show it is suddenly ultra obscure, but the market wouldn't like them.. the market matters a lot,
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Posted 3/1/18 , edited 3/1/18
Generally when someone calls something cliche it is because they've seen many other similar works which doesn't mean anything bad by itself, but it's usually used when an anime is considered sub par. That said I have no issue with anyone calling something cliche as long as they elaborate further. I watch cliche anime(honestly hard to not find a cliche anime), but I found some enjoyable.
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