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Posted 2/17/08
He talked about the members.

Riida; is a stabilizer. He really doesn't do anything. He doesn't speak up either. He doodles and laughs at it when we are having a meeting. But he still listen and sees whole things. In fact, he is most often watching over everybody.

Sho kun; His image changes time to time. He is intelligent. He is intelligent but same time he is Baka. So I really don't have an image of him being intelligent. I had an image of him being more eager before, but he become more mellow lately. He comes to see various things. He seems like a mother.

Aiba kun
; He lightened the places. He always pays regards to others.

Nino; He plays with Aiba chan and others, also he pokes around everybody and plays tricks. Same time he is malice.
Although he seems easy to approach, he will push you away if approached too close.

; We all care about each other. That's why we never had fights. We get along very well. My role of keeping insisting without paying regard to them. Nobody talks unless there is someone showing it.
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