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Posted 2/13/18
Sometimes my friends ask me to recommend animes, but it's really hard for me to remember the names of all the animes I have finished. So I was thinking since you receive an "achievement" already for finishing a series, it seems like if you could, optionally, choose to have a list of "watched" animes on your profile, where upon finishing an anime you "unlock" the right to list it as a watched anime...

Or, a less gamerified version, where similar to the queue, you could have a "favorites" or "followed" page of animes. I may be alone, but once I finish something I like to remove it from my queue, but ultimately it'd just be nice to have a way to look back at the shows I've finished before for potential rewatch, recommending, memories, or just personal embarrassment on how one watches wayyyy too much anime.
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Posted 2/13/18 , edited 2/14/18
They had favorites and also something called watchlist where you could keep track of multiple lists if you wanted to. They got rid of both functions (except for a limited functionality for grandfathered ones) when they implemented the queue. The way forward is to use an external tracking anime/database site like:

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