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Posted 2/16/18 , edited 2/16/18
Relatively late to the party here on crunchy roll but here is a work around for an incredibly VEXING and STUPID problem when coming out of free trail into premium user. You may have noticed that a lot of the social functions require you to set your user name, but then completely leave you in the dark on how to do so and do not link you to where you must go to do so.

I had to attempt to write a post that was short to have it tell me the exact same problem. In that i lacked a user name to post said post. However for some reason this particular page included a link highlighted set I clicked, I set, and now im here complaining that some one on the dev team needs a promotion due to good work. While another is a brain dead hamster.....

Its like they dont make sure they do a final bug pass from start to finish with a person thats never used their software before. I always do that before I deploy any fixes or updates. I let someone else handle the code to see if its clear and working for anyone.

Link to your in menu page to set your name:

If you prefer to navigate your way there your self its in the profile tab in the top right of the nav bar. From there go to the left side nav bar and go to email and password. First line within the box menu. The text box containing your email used for your free trial should be changed to your desired screen name, and remember it can not be changed so pick something you will always like. Hope this was helpful
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Posted 2/16/18 , edited 2/16/18
Yeah, that was a pain I found. For me I hadn't got as far as posting yet, I was actually trying to personalise my profile but every link gave me a "You must first set a username" message, was so infuriating. It'd be awesome if the forums changed up to something more respectable like InvisionPowerBoard or similar!
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