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Post Reply Has there ever been a video game that you loved and you hated at the same time?
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Posted 3/2/18
For me it's probably Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Even though the gameplay with the Blades is fantastic and the soundtrack is top notch...

From the tasteless anime tropes, to the luck based mechanic to obtain new Blades, to the amount of trust grinding you have to do, to the absurd amount of cutscenes, to the fact that the narrative is 80% padding, to the narrative itself feeling like a bad light novel, to some areas being disappointingly lacking in content (like the World Tree), to the possibility that some Blades might be locked behind DLC...

I'm literally a stone's throw away from the final boss and I have lost all motivation to finish the game. I've even considered the possibility that Xenoblade Chronicles X is a better game than it because although X has a putrid soundtrack and just as putrid enemy placement, it at least understood that the gameplay is why the original game was so great to begin with.
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Posted 3/3/18 , edited 3/3/18
Every final fantasy game ever made because you can't always move more than a few steps before going into a random battle except of course i'm aware than the online games and XV changed this, other than that i like everything else
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Posted 3/13/18
Doki Doki Literature Club - the girls are cute (at least in the beginning) and I feel really sorry for them, but it's just way too scary for me. I'm still scared of the dark because of this VN, and I played it almost 4 months ago.

Katawa Shoujo - My feelings for this VN are kinda similar to my feelings for DDLC in that I think the characters are really cute, but I dislike the atmosphere of the game - though in Katawa Shoujo's case it's because of sadness rather than fear.
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Posted 3/14/18
Anything Dark Souls/Dark Souls related
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