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Posted 2/17/18
I know that this is adapted from a novel but it reminds me of SAO. I couldn't be the only who thought that. But anyway who's going to watch it or think it looks interesting. And the video games cameos are kind of cool.
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Posted 2/25/18
You might want to change the name of this thread as there actually is an SAO movie (which is what I thought this thread would be discussing), and RPO doesn't really have anything at all in common with SAO other than the fact that they both take place (for the most part) in a virtual world. Nobody's stuck in the virtual world in RPO though, and unlike SAO there's actually a half-way decent story to tell.

I have little faith for the RPO adaptation though. Spielberg has been really hit or miss lately, and while there's a lot of potential for it to be good I just don't think Spielberg is the right guy for the job at this point in his career.
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42 / F / Scotland
Posted 3/26/18
All the reviews that I have been reading have been very positive. I do fancy seeing this film even though I absolutely hated the book and never finished it.
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Posted 22 days ago
It's an enjoyable movie with lots of action. Definitely not an Emmy winner or anything, but still very enjoyable. Watched it twice; once in 3d and once on a normal theatre screen. The 3d screen was kind of meh compared to using my VR headset though.

The portrayal of VR is also pretty close to current VR. The omni-directional treadmill at the beginning of the movie is a real product called the Infinideck; the other treadmills in the movie actually very closely resemble other real omni-treadmills too.

It's not really very close to SAO though. The tech, circumstances, world, story, and many other things are very different. Other than both having some form of VR in them, they are very different. Although, the seed worlds in SAO are pretty similar to the idea the Oasis.

If done right, the actual live action SAO could be very good, but there will have to be some liberties taken with the series to fix some of the flaws with the anime version.
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Posted 14 days ago
It's a fun movie, and more shallow than the original book, but I don't find it like SAO at all.
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