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Posted 3/2/18 , edited 3/2/18

I have a premium membership, have been trying to watch some shows but it is becoming unbearable.
Every video I get about 10 or more freezes (the video just stops). Sometimes different things fix the problem (like refreshing the page, pausing and playing again, skipping ahead or backwards by 1 second, etc...).
It does it whether I play it in 1080p or 720p, whether I am playing on my Alienware 17R4, or my Xbox One X (ethernet and/or Wifi at 80mb/s download speed) or even my phone on LTE network.
This is the only webplayer I get this problem with. I can watch 1080p videos on other sites with minimal initial buffering no problem.

It completely ruins the experience when I have to refresh the page or skip 1 second because the webplayer decided to freeze while Goku was mid kamehameha.
I am seriously debating going back to downloading stuff via torrent if this doesn't get better.

Thanks for any advice you guys can give.
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