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Posted 3/3/18 , edited 3/21/18
I completed my fanfic 'The Golden Princess and the Demon Prince' so if you've ever felt like reading a novel length story about Kyo and Yuya (from Samurai Deeper Kyo) going on a classic fantasy style adventure please check it out!

If you're unfamiliar with Samurai Deeper Kyo but enjoy adventure stories with very crude anti-heroes, give it a try! It was written to appeal to people who haven't read the manga, the characters are introduced slowly and I don't assume any knowledge of the fandom.

I would love feedback and criticism, although if you're going to tell me that it sucks please specify how it sucks or what sucks about it. I'm an aspiring author and constructive criticism is important to improving my work. It's been proofread and I promise it's not riddled with typos and spelling and grammar errors.

Anyways, here are some links if you're interested:


Archive Of Our Own

Here is a small sample of my writing:

Yuya did not know she had fallen asleep until she woke with a start. Someone was looming over her. It took her a moment to realize that the futon in the center of the room was empty and her patient was standing in front of her. His arms were crossed across his chest and an appraising look shadowed his face. He wore only his hakama, his chest still exposed except for the bandages she had applied. As she rose to her feet, Yuya saw that his eyes were blood red. Her heart skipped a beat. Something about those eyes was both frightening and magnetic at the same time. Like a raging fire, they held both beauty and danger.

“What are you doing up? You should be resting,” Yuya said, adjusting her clothing as she attempted to regain her composure. She instinctively pressed her back up against the wall as the man leaned closer.

“This is your work?” he asked, gesturing to the bandages covering his torso.

“It is,” Yuya said, wondering if she could escape by sliding along the wall, making her way toward the door.

The man put a hand on the wall between her and the door. She looked back at his face, wondering why the urge to get away from him was so strong. Besides his crimson eyes he seemed normal; a young warrior with that air of arrogance common among samurai. Yuya had dealt with plenty of men who thought they could intimidate her just because they were bigger or higher born. She lifted her chin defiantly and met his unnerving gaze squarely.

He smiled slightly and then deliberately placed his other hand on her breast and squeezed. For a shocked moment Yuya stood frozen. Her face turned red. She dropped out of his reach and sprang across the room. Spinning to face him she pulled a knife out of her sleeve and drew it back to throw.

At that moment the door slid open and a girl entered balancing a tray holding a bottle of sake and a pair of cups. She looked from Yuya’s defensive crouch and bared weapon to Kyo. Kyo pivoted on the ball of his foot and sat with his back against the wall. He gestured imperiously to the girl to bring him the sake. As she put it down he caught her wrist and leered at her.

“Why don’t you stay and pour for me? I could use a more feminine companion,” Kyo said, looking not at the serving girl, but at Yuya.
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