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25 / F / phiLippinEs
Posted 4/23/08
the first time i saw fairy tale is this picture

and i really thought it was one piece!

thats why i grab that picture somewhere..

and i found out that the picture up there is different from one piece..


the characters really looks like the straw hat pirate crew..

so fairy tale is only in manga??


wanna see it in anime!

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29 / M / pHiliPpines
Posted 4/24/08
got addicted to one piece cuz of the fighting and the comedy!
Posted 4/24/08

Animanga12145 wrote:

chiidorii wrote:

?? is fairy tail good? never heard about fairy tail

my cousin was reading one piece on the internet and i saw it i just read one chapter and i fell in love with itXD

Fairy tail has similarities to one piece, so i'm sure you'll be interested in the manga. Go ahead and check it out.

haha i saw the first chapter kinda funnyXD
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