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Posted 3/4/18 , edited 3/5/18
Welcome to the forest of lost dreams . This a place that is hard reach and is the realm of chase. It's a place that harbors no evil creatures on surface but is in habitated by many predictors. How ever in the dead center is another forest that hold the vilest of creatures.
Posted 3/16/18 , edited 3/16/18
*Chase carried poor boy in his arms as walked through the snow* "you know you could wake up and walk on your own anytime now."* he shifted poorboys wait * " I'm really rather weak so I don't think I can carry you the whole way "
Chase could hear others in his forest . They knew where he was going but tracking him was near impossible. " Lue you better not be out there helping them "
Posted 3/16/18 , edited 3/16/18
*Poorboy opens his eyes *" you make it reallt hard to get some rest you know "
Chase drops on the ground but before he hits turns into tall lean young man with black feathery wings .
" about time you grew up and took this serous. " Chase says with smile " now that your on feet I think I'll take my leave . The silver Vineyards are always nice "* Chase pulls out his violin and draws the bow across it as turns and walks off into the shadow's *
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