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Posted 2/17/08 , edited 2/17/08
All Narutards of the World!
You fabulous Naruto fans for the world
now this is where you Narutards introduce yourself!!!~
well im first!

Hi! My Name is Yazumi! and im the creater of this lovely Narutards group!
I am definatly a huge Narutard as you can see!

I have watched all of the Naruto episodes even the shippuden(up to the uploads)
I've also read most of the manga and am happy to say that i have read most of all the information of Naruto.
If any of you want to know some information please ask and i will give it to you!
i am currently on the project of finding information about the 'Icha Icha Paradise' series! and i will be posting it for all the inner perverts of the Narutards! ^-^ and even for the other Narutards that would like to read it!

Now that ive finished my introduction! please continue with yours

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Posted 2/18/08
Lol! Call me whatever..i dun care, or just call me my username >.< or part of it >.<
Anyways, Im addicted to the manga, read all the chappies so far
Anime- watched all the 1st part and watched most of shippuden ^_^
And im addicted to naruto-yaoi-fanfic and doujins XD
(How addicted can a person get!?)
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Posted 2/23/08
hello everyone!^-^ im minky-chan or just minky^-^ so far i only watched da 1st season of naruto^-^' but ill watch da 2nd season after i finish watching another anime hehe^-^' so i dont really no much of naruto yet so no spoilers 4 me! >.< well dats all i have 2 say now...i dink lolz^-^'
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