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Posted 4/1/18 , edited 4/1/18

Austershalin wrote:

Almost halfway through the series, and I'm confused as to why they're taking the river route (the most dangerous route) towards their final destination. Perhaps I'm wasn't paying enough attention to some detail, but couldn't they just walk around the river (through the forest or hiking through the hills - since using an aircraft would likely be too conspicuous)? It seemed like the concentration of Matter was highest on the river; where it presumably used up the water for growth. There should be less Matter on the forest/hills.

Didn't realize that the English dub was shoddy. Been watching the French dub and thought it sounded fine; though some characters did sound a few year older than the actually are.

This +1 I kept asking myself that through the entire crappy story. Why dont they walk around since its trapped in the river bed? Also if her body is so damn indestructible... why are they protecting her? Also never explains why they got attacked in the first place. I mean if it's Aico mass then why would it attack itself? This show was a veritable ocean of plot holes.
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Posted 4/1/18 , edited 4/2/18
I regret watching the dub, my standards are not so high for dubs like many others but just wow. Anyways 7/10
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