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Posted 3/19/18 , edited 3/19/18

KingMeow2015 wrote:

Master of Martial Hearts. That show was so stupid. The ending made it 1000X worse.

Edit: A couple more I hated was Sekirei, which hinted at a S3 but was never delievered, and Gangsta., which was basically a big "Go read the manga" ending.

I will agree with Master of the Martial Hearts. I don't particularly mind it if a series puts a hook in at the end for another season, since I look at it as an attempt to sell another season. However, I think that a series should at least finish the current story arc first.

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Posted 3/19/18 , edited 3/19/18
Samurai Flamenco.

Finished this anime back in November, the ending was SO bad that I dropped it from a 8 to a 4. I can't remember another anime where I enjoyed it to the end.... and the end just ruined the whole thing.
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