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Posted 3/19/18 , edited 3/19/18
I guess I have to make one as well as leader. (heavy sigh)

In this forum, I'm just going to give my opinion on what this episode is, what it represents, and what it means to me. Also, I don't want to try and sort through my thoughts and find out what's a spoiler and whats not, so just watch the arc and then read below for what I thought of it.

Again, this is just my opinion. Please respond with your opinions as well.
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Posted 3/20/18 , edited 3/20/18
Whoa dude yeah! Same thoughts on that too.. and if anyone may accidentally see what i say before watching i will cover it..

For me what you said about Senjougahara having every single type of -dre out there is true... lol and i love her fro her being who she is...! ( and no i don't mean no Doc DRE
She is another that hold her own in my heart .... You Go TEAM Senjougahara and Araragi When she was leading up to this the past eps .... and Araragi was kind of holding out i think too , there was a moment when she was asking if he wanted a girlfriends... i was like omfggg Araragi you better get all over that and say it! but they was kind of testing out the waters and teasing abit to start out but i know Senjougahara was very serious and she wanted Araragi from the start... i knew it! and when finally she expressed her love (through Dominance and conquering his heart Dominatrix?
she said it was his bad luck he got chosen by a lateblooming wild crazy Virgin like her just for being himself... lol that is his punishment i think... lol but nah he scored! big time! Helladope soap onnna rope on a boat.... yeahhhzzzzz bruzzz

So yeah this Arc and the past one had everything going in it for me! and to quote you Mb12... (yeah what you said was that damn good for me warrant separately reiterating and quoting :sweatingbullets:) so thank you for all this hard work and love you put into this post , this series and group!

. Although it sounded like Araragi just accepted it, I feel that in his heart of hearts, he would have done the same eventually, but Senjougahara's assertive attitude towards everything beat him to it. I'm just going to say that these two are definitely one of anime's best couples. I really how much they actually care for each other, that not only do they like the idea of being with someone in a romantic relationship, but that it has to be each other, or it wouldn't be worth it.

This... is what people should look at and read when someone is describing a love/romance couple that deserve such recognition and respect like this... you said it like no other. you wrote what i felt iinside too.. thanks for that i don't think i could have said it like that Mb12.

Lunis out for now..

Going to start the Next Arc after the Monkey one ( yeah i finished it too )

Edit... sorry i tried to make this all covered but i think the way i typed it out, its not going to... so everyone should NOT be reading the forum posts... not the ones for the Arcs you have not already seen yet to avoid this kind of spoiling from happening... sorry. ;)

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