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Posted 3/21/18 , edited 3/21/18
I like to write and read fanfiction, the problem is no one in my family knows the characters.

So I'll admit I don't write a lot, but when I do I listen to music it helps me cope.

I don't really have a grasp on tenses or personalities and I tend to worry about small details.

Am I making sense if not just write about your writing troubles, kay?
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Posted 3/21/18 , edited 3/21/18
when it comes to beginning reading, you could try reading some folks stuff and get you some idea of how things are. Stephen King himself mentions that one should read and read often, this helps people develop, get better and possibly "perfect" their skills. to a writer we don't see perfection, however to others they see it as the next best thing. so, nothing improves skills better than: practice, practice, practice.

to be helpful, some of my older stuff is horrible, it was more of a general idea, but, as I've grown older and return to these same said works, I'm using the skills I've learned and doing better with the older things. so, there's that option as well. and it's even done in Hollywood, we call them reboots. best of luck and have some fun.
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Posted 7/17/18 , edited 29 days ago
I definitely agree that the key to becoming a good writer is to also read as much as you possibly can. Read constantly and write all the time. The more you write the better you will get. It is just like building any other skill.
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