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Post Reply Mehmed the Conqueror's Greatest Enemy?
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Posted 27 days ago
I don't expect a lot of people to come to answer this, but I thought I might as well post it. So, of all the enemies Mehmed and/or Murad fought in their conquest of the Balkans which was the greatest opponent? I believe it to be John Hunyadi, as he was the only person during the 15th century who posed a potential existential threat to the Ottoman Empire and fought them offensively.
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Posted 26 days ago
Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) !
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Posted 25 days ago
anyone who would throw a massive party, lock people in and set them ablaze gets my vote for being trouble. not to mention impaling someone just to watch them slowly slide down in horror, torture and extreme pain. he didn't meet a happy ending, ironically the same means his father did and then they burned the castle down for sport. why yes, I do weird research what can I say.
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