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Posted 3/29/18 , edited 3/29/18
I always thought, maybe it'd be kind of fun if you could just hit a button and the show you just finished would reset it's previous progress that you have viewed. Like it forgot where you left off; and you could re-watch the show without having to cycle the buffer marker from 2min to the end of the episode, near the credits back to its beginning.

It'd surely make for an easier time to enjoy an older show you'd like to re-watch on your queue.
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Posted 3/29/18 , edited 3/29/18
Over the years I've noticed that if you let a show that you have watched sit untouched for awhile, viewing count resets. Like for example the last time I watched One Piece I was at episode 699. That was a few years ago. When I went back, the CR app on my xbone said my next episode was #1. This also has happened with other shows that I finished quite awhile ago.

So my theory is that after so many shows total, like lets say 2000 episodes, the history drops off and loses the older viewing log. But that's just an observation of mine, nowhere near something that you're suggesting.

Also you can go to and clear your entire history. Probably not what you're looking for as well.
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