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Posted 9 days ago

Ryulightorb wrote:

Not being able to stop the girl who said she liked me as a young boy from killing herself.
Not being able to save my friend from her falling into sex addiction due to how her life was going.
I regret so many things losing the love of my life who i will never be fully over still hurts daily even now nearly four years onwards despite moving on hmm what else......probably how i went about school and how timid i was and that i really never told my High school Crush my feelings towards her.

You have no idea how much I can relate to you on this. She was my childhood best friend and I was too stupid to realize she had feelings for me too. Too scared to think that if I told her I would lose the one person I could actually trust in life. In my situation she didn't kill herself, but wound up marrying a very violent man who would threaten her every time she tried to talk to someone without her permission. Threatened to dump her and her newborn child in a gutter unless she did what he wanted. By the time I found out and was ready to raise an army over it was too late. She left a note saying she and he were moving to somewhere more quiet, away from the drama of people and that was it. I may never know what happened to my friend and never get to know. The sad thing is an abuser can abuse as much as they want as long as the person being abused keeps defending them.
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