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38 / M / So. Cal
Posted 4/7/18 , edited 4/8/18
I swear I'm the only in this group who doesn't root for Ferrari and created this poll to see if it's true.
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29 / M / Yorkshire, England
Posted 4/17/18 , edited 4/27/18
I had to vote other! I don't actually have any team preference at all, just driver preference.
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a cave
Posted 4/18/18 , edited 4/27/18
My cheering for Ferrari is kind of a holdover from my first season watching around 2012 and 2013. I wanted to cheer for someone who wasn't clearly leading but had the potential to win. At this point, once Kimi's retired, I'm not sure if I'll keep cheering Ferrari. They make some mind-boggling decisions at times that's really frustrating to see as a fan. Not that I have any idea who else I'd cheer for.
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