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Posted 4/8/18 , edited 4/8/18
I was browsing around for manga in order to learn more Japanese and I stumbled upon this gem ---> Shitsujitachi no Chinmoku

It's been out for over two years and yet no localization or translations are found anywhere???

Thus, I was wondering if someone on this site has somehow stumbled upon it and if they know any place that might have translations going for it? It's so good yet reading in Japanese and not quite understanding what's going on kinda ruins the mood.

Why is this manga not translated or popular????


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Posted 4/8/18 , edited 4/8/18

mesomuffin wrote:

Sadly there is a LOT of great manga out there that either never get translated or worse yet they get only partially translated and you end up learning about it the hard way 30 chapters in. I believe this is one of the latter, although this isn't a tittle I have personally followed so I can't be certain. I'm pretty sure we aren't allowed to link to unofficial translations so if you want a URL to the four chapters I found in English then shoot me a PM.
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