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In a distant future there a place where the runners go to relax and make new contacts. The owner leads a group of runners called the night parade .

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Poorboy walks through time like others stroll through a park . He steps into dark almost empty bar .

" Just exactly who or what are you " Poe asks as he looks a pair of scotch over ice .

Poorboy moves to the bar " I don't drink "

Poe raises an eyebrow " to strong for you kiddo" Floyd had warned Poe not to antagonize strangers but at the moment the words left Poes mouth he knew Floyd was talking about one stranger. This stranger. Poe smiled " sorry that was rude of me and uncalled for . How about tea or coffee ?" He offered

Now it was Poorboys turn to raise an eyebrow. " why the sudden change. ? A stranger walks into your bar and yet instead of anger you offer a drink . Refusal of a drink is meet with challenge but ended quickly with courtesy?" He questions

Poe tips back his drink and downs it as pulls the other one over to replace it . Poorboy reaches out and places his hand on top the glass . " I've changed my mind if that's ok " Poe caught off guard and it shows as pulls his hand back.

Poe gives a shutter " why do I feel like I'm 5 standing in front of grandfather. " his hand drops to the colt on his belt " I've seen you here before both when we're open and after hours . " Poe pours another drink " you scare people " Poe takes a pull right off the bottle " not the normal Scare either . Almost a primal fear "

Poorboy took a sip of his drink and smiled . It tasted good but he'd need to drink the room dry to even feel anything . " do you like wine " Poorboy asks .
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The rest of night parade strolled in . A young man named puddle foot walked to the other side of the bar " it's him . He's the ghost out of time I've been telling you about .
Poe smiled at Poorboy " we're a few members shy but save for one all of the original night parade is here "
Poorboy eyes meet Poes " all but Floyd" he said
Poe's smile faded " your him aren't you "
" what be you talking about "Dark matter barks
Poe looks to his team " when Floyd and first joined up we had a long talk . He explained that while he worked with me he had a master that he must always heed his call . As we grew strong and the rest of you came on I suggested he break free of his chains. Floyd said that was Unnecessary and impossible . The man he served was " that was all Poe could say as Poe's adopted daughter Posey walked down into the bar . " it's late you A-holes so clear out and go to bed " the room became pitch black " what the Fuck " Posey uttered
" make her leave Poe" Poorboy whispered
The others started to move but the large halfbreed stopped with out stretched arms .
" what's wrong malice " one of them says as Malice let's out a low growl
Poe's words seem to echo through the room " what God's feared "
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Poorboys eyes droop shut " that was a secret "he pulls out a peace of cloth and blind folds himself . With a snap of his fingers spiritual musicians appear and begin to play . Poorboy rises and walks out to the dance floor and begins dancing.

The others move in on Poe " um who is he Flaxen asks "
Poe slams half a bottle of scotch as Posey slides up besides him " I know I've seen him " she says
Poe holds up his hands for silence " doesn't matter who he is just that we have a better chance of finding and beating God "

Poorboy spins to a stop " I should mention I hate God's " he snaps his fingers again and Floyd and a well dressed man appear.

Floyd looks at the others in confusion before turning towards the dance floor where their pointing . He quickly turns to the man that was teleported with ." That's Poorboy and I have a better chance of beating you then you do of him . I know your the eldest of dragons but you can't win ."

" Dragon" the others yell " we are so fucked "

The man eyes Poorboy " would you humor me with glimpse of your power please"

Poorboy bows

The man does the same " I see then . Well am to be of use or may I take my leave ?"

The entire group looks dumb founded
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