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Posted 4/14/18
What I would really like to see on this site is a done pile/list so I can keep track of animes that are still ongoing and I've completed. I think you would make a huge difference to me, well this my first post hehe hello everyone
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Posted 4/14/18 , edited 4/14/18
There used to be a thing called list manager and watchlist (and favorites, too) before the queue was implemented years ago, but they have been getting rid of user friendly functionality like that over the past 5 years or so. The more pragmatic of us here have pretty much given up hope of any useful site changes like that to come back here.

Instead there are external anime "database" sites where that functionality is available, including having multiple lists, such as watching, watched, want to watch, dropped, stalled, and other customizable means. Plus, a list like that here would lose your history whenever CR lost rights to a show, but those external sites will not only keep it, but will allow you to track your shows in one place regardless of where you watched them (such as with other legal streamers like Netflix, Funimation, HiDive, Hulu, Yahoo View, Crackle, Amazon, etc...)

And I'm sure there are others as well...

If the queue doesn't have enough functionality for you, the best you could do if you want your list to be here instead of externally, is to manually make a page on your user profile and maintain a list there however you want it to look within the limits of using BBCode formatting. You'll see a link here which you can open an editor to "roll your own page", so to speak.

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