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Introduce yourself!
Posted 4/19/08

Name: gillychan
Nickname: gilly
Favorite Anime/ Show: Shugo Chara ! , Shuffle ! , Vampire Night.
Hobbies : going on the computer, playing with my dog, eatting candy, & swimming. C:
Mochi lovers
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23 / M / Calgary Alberta CA.
Posted 4/22/08
Name: Jimmy
Nickname: Ecstasy
Favorite Anime/ Show: Death Note, Lucky Star.
Hobbies: Playing Wiff My Hair in the morning x]], Eatting Sushi<3, Spending time wiff Gilly<33Gillychan, Singing x] AND Playing in the Snow or Swim on a Hot Summer Day! :]
Mochi lovers
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77 / Zeta-Reticuli
Posted 4/26/08
Favorite Anime/ Show:There are many titles crossing my mind...
Hobbies:reading online manga, watching anime, reading books, drawing
Mochi lovers
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27 / F / neverland!
Posted 4/27/08
Name: Nana
Nickname: Nana-chan or Ivy
Favorite Anime/ Show: Too many to put down
Hobbies: watching anime,playing computer,reading manga, drawing, soccer
likes:drawing, painting, reading manga, watching anime, swimming, listening to music,playing,eating,chocolate,candy,icecream,animals,I like to help others,freinds,family,playing,playing and um did i say playing?
Mochi lovers
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23 / F / Philippines
Posted 6/2/08
Name: Jastine
Nickname: Jeb, Jas, Tin
Favorite Anime/ Show: Ouran High School Host Club
Hobbies: Many!
Posted 6/15/08
Name: Elizabeth..~suu!
Nickname: Koha-Pink ^.^...or just Koha *tee hee hee*
Favorite Anime/ Show: Kamichama Karin/Chu, Kirarin Revollution , Shugo Chara
Hobbies: Eating lots of food... and using comp..^.^
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20 / F / Europe
Posted 7/28/08
Favorite Anime/ Show:Shugo Chara
Hobbies:playing on the computer
Posted 8/6/08
Name: 1401604
Nickname: jenni
Favorite Anime/ Show: full moon wo sagashite, nodame cantabile live action
Hobbies: reading...crunchyroll...etcetc
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