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CPR [ Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation ]
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Posted 2/18/08 , edited 2/18/08
I used to be a Lifeguard when i was younger... then i Became a Medic in the Army, then i worked as an EMT for a private Ambulance company.

I learned CPR.

I've USED CPR to save many lives.
(thank GOD for pocket rebreathers!)

FYI sorelin... if you do 30:2 your patient will more then likely NOT live.

The best ratio to use (if your by yourself) is 15:2 or 10:2 both work well.

If someone else is with you and can help you, then the ratio 15:2 works the best...

You don't want to circulate the blood without oxygen too much... you want the heart to pick it up on it's own...

And with that DR'S ABC's you missed a couple vital points...

if someone's NOT breathing... why would you EVER tell them to GO get help.. that patient needs to breathe... You have at the MOST 4 minutes before the percentage goes through the roof.

You act... and you act RIGHT THEN..
don't wait...

And FYI... CPR compressions... are NOT as easy as they seem on TV...

It's VERY TIRING work.. PLUS you need to be compressing the right area.. or you're just breaking ribs and possibly causing worse damage.

Most people are capable of mouth to mouth... but compressions will get unqualified people into a HEAPload of lawsuits... and the good samaritan laws don't cover you if you're not qualified.

SO basically, if they still have a heartbeat and just aren't breathing... you should help.. by ALL means get that person to BREATHE...

if their heart isn't going... you got 4 minutes to get help. so BOOK IT.. and BOOK IT NOW.. or call 911 on your cell phone..

Posted 2/18/08 , edited 2/18/08
I do! Lmfao. I HAD to learn about it, bcos I work in a hospital.
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Posted 2/18/08 , edited 2/18/08
Well I am following the currrent British Thoracic Guidelines- these are the regulations you have to follow in the UK. They state 30:2.

The reason for going for help if by yourself. And you havnt got a mobile. If you have just ring for help.

Is that if someone collapse in front of you- most likely MI( heart attck). No amount of compressions is gonna help- you need a defibrillator as soon as poss. Also if someone not breathing then likely no circulation- so only check pulse if you have been properly trained.. Thus go straight to chest compressions

I missed a couple of points- only to keep it simple.

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