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Posted 2/18/08
Wolf’s Rain is one of BONES better anime production.It is not your typical anime where heroic guys want to protect the earth or blah blah blah;It is just about a group of wolves seeking for Paradise in a world that has gone bad.(As usual,our world has fallen into darkness and it has become a place not so suitable to live.I swear these days the depiction of our world is really poor.Life must be hard for these writers)

Four unlikely wolves with very different personality come together in the effort of seeking for Paradise.So just what is this paradise?While paradise to me is riches,to these guys it is a place where they can rest eternally,where they will never be distrupted by anything and these guys are the only ones who can find it since you know,this is wolf’s ability,I guess.

The story for Wolf’s Rain is pretty simple,but good.Along the way,there are bad guys came knocking on the door of course,and these wolves will work together . I couldn’t understand what is the need for a 4 episode recap,and that recaps almost kill my interest.It is understandable if this is as long as Gundam Seed,but heck,it is just 30 episode.

The character development for this anime is excellent.The animators did a really good job flashing out the characters.I would say almost all the characters got developed.You see their past,and you realize this is what make them who they are today.There are also various emotions in this show,ranging from happy ones to really depressing ones.

There are little romance in this show.I would say the only romance that you will probably get to watch is Hubb and Cher,but it seems to me it is almost one sided.I don’t know if you can say if Kiba carries a torch for Cheza as he is so protective of her,so it really is up to one’s interpretation.
If there are any of you who think the story is boring and flat,wait till you watch the last four episode.There are hell lot of emotions there,and the ending certainly would never please you since ……………..well I don’t want to spoil it.But nevertheless,I am more than willing to believe that they DID find Paradise at the very end.

The music for Wolf’s Rain is good.The seiyuus,especially Mamoru Miyano did a good job.The background music fits the scenes perfectly,especially the fighting ones.The animation is good too,as I can see the animators really putting their effort into drawing the background parts.

Wolf’s Rain may seem to some as a depressing anime,and yeah I have to admit that sometimes too,but it is not all depressing.It has a few moment of humour as well,and also some awesome fighting scenes between the wolves.Wolf’s Rain has a simple but unique storyline that will definitely pique your interest.
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Posted 2/29/08
hmmm.....i HATE IT!!!!! O_O
but...i guess its alright...if u dont think bout it too much then, its ok!
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Posted 4/28/08
I really enjoyed Wolf's Rain .. it reminded me of all this global warming that's going around us. There will be no escape to paradise until the after life..
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