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Is Devil May Cry a better videogame or anime?
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Posted 8/13/08

Yourlover0092 wrote:

dmitsuki wrote:

Yourlover0092 wrote:

Eh, I like both seeing as the timeline for the game and anime throws you off completely, it at least showed what happen to Dante after the "Death" of his brother Vergil.
So basically:
1. Devil May Cry 3 [Graphic Novels 1+2]
2. Devil May Cry 3
Which Leads to:
1. Devil May Cry Anime [Very Loosely based from the Game Series Though :/]
2. Devil May Cry [1st Novel]
3. Devil May Cry [Novel 2]

Which then leads to:

1. Devil May Cry
2. Devil May Cry 4
3. Devil May Cry 2

I hope they Make a 5 to answer all our questions. Dx

He didn't even like pizza, wtf is up with sundaes?

And number 2 NEVER happened ok, it NEVER EVER happened.

Fer Sure :/
It was just the easiest food he could find that was quick to eat.
But yeah, DMC 2 really sucked. I hate it. ALOT.

the anime is between 1 and 4 not 3 and 1
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