Are Drama's Getting More Predictable Each Time?
Posted 2/18/08
Well for me I've watched over many dramas and I'm getting really good at predicting,Maybe it is cause we'll I can be a good person that can predict the outcome,but I don't think it's like that at all, I mean it's not just drama's it's movies Korean,Japanese,Spanish,English, and the rest.There just needs to be a new concept,I'm not liking how predictable they have become,maybe this is just me or is it?

What do you think? Are they becoming predictable for you? Maybe a little too much or not at all?
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Posted 2/19/08
Wow... The first reply... I like!
Hmm.. I kinda agree with you... especially with Kdramas... The story line are pretty much the same...
2 guys and 2 girls in a love conflict... But still i think it's their trademark... and it's really what they are really good at...
Posted 2/19/08
most of the time.....
twdrama barely watch it anymore cuz theyre too predictable and exagerated [cute/innocent girls fall in love w/ a rich guy....most of the time]
kdrama it always love triangle [some of them are pretty interesting tho] historical dramas [pretty unpredictable]
jdrama..barely watch any..but like the ones i watched so far [well same love story]
american movied [depends]
not that it's bad to be more predictable it just become less interesting but always looking forward for new interesting plot...and drama
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