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Posted 2/19/08 , edited 3/31/08
Since Teresa is so loved by everyone, I need a way to chose who gets thier name up in lights beside her. Since so many people have asked after I put myself down as Noel I have decided that Teresa wil be given to the person with the most knowlege on her! QUIZ TIME!!!!

Therefore, I will post this quiz, and the first person to PM me with all the correct answers gets Teresa! Simple, right?

1. Who was Number One before Teresa?

2. Who attacked Teresa first in scene 8?

3. Who was Number 5 acording to Sophia?

4.Whose handler did Clare take the head to?

5.What was the first thing we saw Priscilla do?

6. Which Claymore knew that Teresa was in Clare?

7. Who said Clare was too light? And what advice did she give her to solve the matter?

8. What is Raki's brother called?

9. Name the leaders of the teams in the War in the North. Highest Rank first.

10. According to Jeane, what did Clare do for her?

11. List the abbysal ones in order of age, oldest first.

12. What generation was Teresa from? What generation was Clare from?

13. Why did Priscilla cling to Raki? (Specific answer please!!)

14. What is Clare's handler called?

15. What do Claymores call themselves?

16. What are Noel and Sophia's nicknames?

17. List Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 11 before the War in the North.

18. What is the Slashers and who are members?

19. What is the town the war in the north was held in called?

20. In scene 1 why would Clare not tell Raki her name?

The new Teresa is StrikeFreedom14!! Yay! Her answers are given below-

1. Rosemary

2. priscilla


4. Clares

5. wipe out a lot of yoma 9actually trip in fall after doing that)

6. Miria

7.Galatea she told her too eat more food


9.Miria, Flora, Jean, Undine, Veronica

10. She saved her life, gave back her life something like that

11. Easley, Riful, Luciela

12. Teresa is from the 177th generation clares generation i dont know it was never listed that i saw

13. he smelt the south

14. Rubel

15. Warriors

16.Stormwind noel and muscular sophia

17. 1. Alicia 2. Beth 3. Galatea 4. Ophelia 5. Rafaela 6. Miria
7. Eva 8. Flora 9. Jeane 11. Undine

18.the slashers are the awakened being team that slayed the awakened being in ep 9-11 it consists of miria, helen, deneve, clare.

19. pieta

20. he'd just forget it anyways
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